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Tag: sailor moon crystal

4 episodes

19: It’s Bummers All the Way Down

Things get more cheerful on Hyouka, until Oreki wants to investigate bummer helicopters. Meanwhile, Suzy Q gets macked on by both Jojo and an entire brain.

18: Great Expectations

The Bunkasai arc concludes with many bummers and expectations as Oreki unmasks the master thief. And on Jojo, AC/DC proctors Jojo's practical Hamon exam.

17: The Last Hamon Coach

Each of the Hyouka gang thinks they are closing in on Juumonji faster than Oreki. And on Jojo, the boys meet their match in Lisa Lisa and her oily pillar.

16: An Incidental Hero’s Proof

Juumonji's thievery captivates the school on Hyouka while everyone but Oreki develops crippling self-doubt. Also, Jojo shows the world his balls.