Spice and Wolf

115: Furex Trading (Spice and Wolf)

It’s the economy stupid! Ben and Jon investigate the #3 waifu, Holo, trying to understand her ties to currency schemes in Spice and Wolf. Ostensively a show about a man and a wolf-girl, this anime baits you with shiny wolf tails and switches in complex economic puzzles that Holo and her companion Lawrence try to take advantage of or escape in their quest to make bank. Come for fuzzy ears and stay for a moe version of ECON-101. Also featuring: Thrawn and Re:Zero.

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Fall 2020 Anime Season Preview

SP: Fall 2020 Anime Season Preview

The leaves are turning and so is the anime season. Aniki is here to help sort wheat from chaff with their fall 2020 anime season preview! Running down the Anichart.net listings from least to most popular, they help you sort what shouldn’t be missed, what might be ok, and what you should probably avoid. What shows are you most excited for? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

114: World Class (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

The brothers learn that a modern family can be just a woman, a dragon, and a loli dragon in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. A drunken programmer stumbles upon and saves a dragon in the forest, leading to that dragon swearing fealty to her as a maid. Hilarity ensues. This light-hearted and surprisingly deep comedy from Kyoani hits all the right buttons for a short-form sketch show: solid jokes, romance, family ties, and of course, boobs. Also featuring: Re:Zero and Dune.

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Gabriel DropOut

113: Hang Loose-ifer (Gabriel DropOut)

The brothers decide that humanity was a mistake, to play video games all day, and listen to other life lessons from Gabriel DropOut. After graduating drop of her class, the angel Gabriel heads to Earth to learn more about the human world. However, saving people and saving an MMO world are pretty much the same thing, right? One thing leads to another and the standup angel becomes a shut-in NEET. Comedy ensues. Also featuring: World of Warcraft Classic.

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room camp

112: Heya the Girls are Back (Room Camp)

The brothers’ lives get hectic so they take a quick romp to see some of Japan’s mountains with the Yuru Camp spin off Room Camp. Following Nadeshiko and friends as they go on a stamp rally across Yamanashi Prefecture, this series of short episodes is an adorable reason for the Aniki bros to talk about pretty much anything else. Join us for a journey across Japan, Seattle, Indiana, and crazy folklore. Also featuring: Midnight Diner and Atelier Ryza.

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111: Boss Hog (Aggretsuko)

What if The Office was set in Japan, was cast with cute animals, and the heroine was deep into death metal? Aniki finds out with Aggretsuko. Based on characters from Sanrio, the same company that brought you Hello Kitty and Gudetama, this short Netflix series tackles all aspects of office culture in Japan. From the drive to get ahead, to rampant sexism, to drunken office mixers, all while following a cute red panda who bottles up her emotions and releases them through death metal. Also featuring: Disenchanted and Wolf Children.

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110: All You Need Is Simp (Re:Zero)

The Aniki brothers witness the extremely popular time loop isekai Re:Zero -Starting Life In Another World– over and over and over again. Whisked away from earth, the protagonist Subaru is tossed into an unfamiliar world where he has to navigate magic, girls, and politics, usually to his own demise. Having the power to reset time upon death isn’t all its cracked up to be. But despite its popularity, does it live up to scrutiny? Is Subaru the hero we need or deserve? Is Rem or Emilia best girl? Find out what these old otaku think! Also featuring: Deca-Dence.

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109: Ayn Rand So Far Away (HameFura)

The brothers ask the age old question, “can being an objectivist libertarian turn a dating villainess into a heroine?”, with My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! (HameFura). Catarina, a haughty noble child one day bumps her head and realizes that she is, in fact, a reborn fujoshi from Japan who was obsessed with otome games. Now she finds herself as the villainess of her favorite game “Fortune Lover” and must act quickly before she is either killed in a duel or exiled for life. Can she avoid the death flags and accidentally acquire a harem for herself? Also featuring: Tower of God and Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase.

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SP: Summer 2020 Anime Season Preview

Too hot or virusy to be outside this summer? Unsure what trash anime to watch? The Aniki brothers have your back with their summer 2020 anime season preview! Running down the Anichart.net listings from least to most popular, they help you sort what shouldn’t be missed, what might be ok, and what you should probably avoid. What shows are you most excited for? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

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Tower of God

108: Turtles All The Way Up (Tower of God)

The manga revolution may be in for a revolution as the Aniki brothers climb a deadly gauntlet with the adaptation of the Korean manwa Tower of God. Originally published on Webtoons, Tower of God is a rarity in that it is an anime based on non-Japanese published source material. Following the Twenty-Fifth Baam, or Yoru, the show follows his journey through the eponymous tower to reunite with his friend Rachel. Said to grant any wish to those that reach its top, the tower poses a mighty and deadly gauntlet for each of its floors. While a shounen at heart, this is a unique spin on the genre with amazing animation and fantastic music. Also featuring: mahjong rants and some other manga reviews.

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