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14 episodes

64: OK, Here We Go Reigen (Mob Psycho 100)

The brothers reenter the worlds that One built, tackling One Punch Man's sibling anime: Mob Psycho 100. A young boy with extraordinary psychic powers is clearly the most powerful man in the world, but contrasting with Saitama, Mob seeks to define himself beyond his one special gift.

36: Tako Tuesday

Boros and his alien brood are out for the world, but the party is split. Saitama fights a magical space squid while the others battle a five headed demon.

35: The Apricot is Nigh!

The greatest of heroes are summoned to HQ as a see says the world is in trouble (or an apricot). Soon, the city is under attack by a foe unlike any before.

34: Nakama Crash

Genos takes on the Deep Sea King and fails. Who is left to protect the good people of City-A? Only the strongest and most justicey of heroes.

33: Malicious Mermen

The Deep Sea King and his mermen emerge from the ocean to conquer the surface. Heroes are falling. Will Puri Puri Prisoner and Mumen Rider save the day?

32: Meteor Shower

A giant meteor is hurtling towards Z-City and only Genos and Saitama are willing to do anything about it. Will the city survive or be grateful?

31: Company of Heroes

Saitama hunts for crime to keep from being dropped off the Hero Association roster, which is on display as Hero HQ combats a rising tide of seaweed.

30: No Step On Snek

Saitama and Genos take the Hero Association entrance exam to predictable results. Afterward, Genos challenges his master to a battle of skill and noodles.

29: NEET Nazi Ninja Nuts

Heads fly as Saitama takes on a bishi Narutoesque ninja and a mechanized army of lazy bums led by Nappa while Genos gets a tune up.

28: I Am My Own Clone

The secret of Saitama's power is revealed as he and Genos take on the leader of the House of Evolution, clones, and his monstrous masterpiece Carnage Kabuto

27: Bug Out

Saitama faces off against a femme-fatale bug queen and a beast king while also gaining a cyborg disciple. Also featuring a retrospective of Mob Psycho 100

26: The Strongest Episode

Season 2 of Aniki begins as brothers Ben & Jon start watching One Punch Man. A hero who wins every fight in only one punch? What kind of tokusatsu is this?