58: My Dad Was a Robot (Eve no Jikan 6)

The finale of Aniki season 3 finally arrives with the last episode of Eve no Jikan. Misaki’s lack of chill is revealed as stemming from a fractured relationship with his dad and his boyhood robot. The magic of the café takes shape in the thrilling conclusion to this cute robot anime. Also featuring: Hallmark Christmas movies, how not to rank Ghibli movies, and the Battle Angel Alita movie.
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57: Extremely Insensitive (Eve no Jikan 5)

Rikuo has a crisis of faith in his new robot buddies when an upstart android steals the spotlight from him at a piano competition. Misaki also discovers that yet another patron at Eve no Jikan is a robot. Also featuring: Back Street Girls, Happiness, Boku wa Mari no Naka, and Goodnight Punpun. Read More

56: How Much Green in Five? (Eve no Jikan 4)

How hard is it to keep one rule? Don’t discriminate between robots and humans. But when a walking bucket of bolts with a sad past walks into Eve no Jikan, Rikuo and Misaki have a very hard time abiding. Also featuring: Re:Zero, Nagi no Asukara, more Alexa stories, and a PSA about recommending shows to others.
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55: Unconventional Lovers (Eve no Jikan 3)

What a time (of eve) to be alive! Robots loving humans, humans loving robots. Is it a packet switching utopia or just a recipe for disaster and dismemberment? Ben and Jon discuss real girls and the men who date them with Eve no Jikan episode 3: Koji and Rina (Lovers of Eve). Also featuring: Kuzu no Honkai final thoughts, Kamen Rider W and Braid, and Gravity Falls.
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54: LARPing Robots (Eve no Jikan 2)

The brothers continue to visit their new coffee and robot hangout spot, Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve), and watch two friends stalk their android, Sammy. A lot of speculation ensues on the nature of robot ethics and the rules within the Eve no Jikan coffee bar. Also featuring: Don Bluth movies, Jon’s Disney coke adventure, and final thoughts on Stranger Things 2. Read More

53: Moist Dryer Insertion (Eve no Jikan 1)

To round out a season of OVAs and movies, the brothers take on Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve), an OVA that became a movie. By the same director of Mizu no Kotoba, the series explores humanity’s interaction with androids and vice versa in the not too distant future. Also featuring: Stranger Things 2, talking bathtubs, and singing laundry.

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52: Especially Spooksome (Yamishibai)

As All Hallows Eve arrives this year, the brothers finish their foray into the dark recesses of Yamishibai. Jon delivers a tale of an accursed hikikomori that receives help from a friendly Shinto priestess. Ben caps off the spooks with the story of a girl who actually managed to get senpai to notice her, though she may regret it. Also featuring: Kuzu no Honkai, a discussion on if Stranger Things or Higurashi is more creepy, and final scary anime picks.

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51: Please, No Thank You (Yamishibai)

The shadows slowly creep further into the month of October with our third installment of Yamishibai. In this episode, Ben shares a story of shimmering specters on the ceiling that remind his brother of childhood terrors. Jon replies with a tale of the dangers of messing with spell tags that you didn’t place. Also featuring Kamen Rider W, Kuzu no Honkai, Kizuna AI, and more spooky anime picks.

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50: Big Ol’ Moon, I See You Shinin’ (Yamishibai)

It’s our 50th episode and we celebrate with more creepy Yamishibai. Jon delivers a cautionary tale against being too loud in your apartment and Ben tells of a boy who has a very bad bathroom memory. Also featuring: Mahoutsukai no Yome, WataMote, and Over the Garden Wall.

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49: Don’t Poke Satan (Yamishibai)

The month of October is upon us and the brothers are getting into the spooky spirit with Yamishibai: a series of short ghost stories.  Choosing episodes at random, Ben recounts a tale of trying to contact the dead using a seemingly harmless game and Jon tells us of a woman who finds herself not alone on the last bus of the evening. Also featuring: Ducktales, Over the Garden Wall, scary anime picks, and a preview of the fall anime season.

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