94: All Guns Life (Sabagebu!)

Ben and Jon discover that while some slice of life shows are about making friends while others are about making your friend a meat shield in Sabagebu! Following Sonokawa Momoka, a recent transfer student to an all girls school, this anime about the kinds of friendships one makes in an airsoft club made up of psychopaths of all stripes and one platypus. If you enjoy guns, off the wall comedy, or bath scenes, this is the show for you. Also featuring: rhythm riders and mahjong.

Haven’t seen this show? Go watch Sabagebu! Watch before you listen!

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Sayonara Wild Hearts




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Konosuba (the bad show)

Old Woman Screenshot from Sabagebu
Kids these days
Platty and Crab Screenshot from Sabagebu
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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokoro-chan

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