Gabriel DropOut

113: Hang Loose-ifer (Gabriel DropOut)

The brothers decide that humanity was a mistake, to play video games all day, and listen to other life lessons from Gabriel DropOut. After graduating drop of her class, the angel Gabriel heads to Earth to learn more about the human world. However, saving people and saving an MMO world are pretty much the same thing, right? One thing leads to another and the standup angel becomes a shut-in NEET. Comedy ensues. Also featuring: World of Warcraft Classic.

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Show Notes

Anime Review7:16



Black Company


World of Warcraft Classic 

Gabriel DropOut

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They see me rollin..

Satania Raphi meme
My Satania Meme
My Satania Meme

ProZD Card games

Satania Phone Case
Satania Phone Case

Color Out of Space

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