102: Willy Wonka Deserves to Die (Castlevania 3)

After reviewing the first two seasons of Netflix’s original series Castlevania, the Aniki brothers try out the latest season to see how it measures up. Set shortly after the events of the last season, the third installment follows four distinct plot threads focusing on two protagonist and two antagonist groups as they make their way in the land of Wallachia following the defeat of Dracula and his army. The brother’s first encounter with Castlevania was disappointing. Can Castlevania 3 regain their faith in the series? Also featuring: Rising of the Shield Hero, Listeners, and Tower of God.

Haven’t seen this show? Go watch Castlevania season 3! Watch before you listen!

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Show Notes

Anime Review07:29


Jon's Animal Crossing Horror
Jon’s Animal Crossing Horror

Doom 2016

Rising of the Shield Hero

A Certain Scientific Railgun


Tower of God

Castlevania 3

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