07: The Ghost, When Inherited

This week on Aniki: Oreki goes ghost busting with Chitanda in tow down to the onsen. Will the shipping ship embark on its maiden voyage? And on Jojo, Zeppli takes on his greatest challenge while Dio makes some new friends.

You can follow along with us. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure can be found on Crunchy Roll. Hyouka can be found on YouTube and other unofficial sources. Please consider leaving a review on iTunes and sharing the podcast with your friends. More info can be found at Aniki.fm.

Show Notes

Hyouka  00:09
Anime    48:28
Jojo        1:01:04


The Ghost, When Examined (正体見たり, shoutaimitari, or Watching One’s true self)
Birth rates in Japan
Sailor Moon vacation episodes


The Morphin Grid
Pokemon World Tour
Sailor Business
Death Billiards
Death Parade


Darker Than Black
Fist of the North Star
Dire and Straizo (Dire Straights)

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