70: Clippy Learns to Love (Violet Evergarden)

How does the world deal with those broken by war? What does love mean to someone who has never known it? The brothers attempt to find out with Violet Evergarden. An orphaned former child soldier, Violet was given her name and meaning by her last commander. But as he lay with mortal wounds, he gave her his last command “Live” and his final words “I love you.” Now working as a letter writer, Violet tries to understand her place in a world at peace, without a commander to guide her. Also featuring: Happy Sugar Life, Revue Starlight, Teen Titans Go to the Movies, and The Book Thief.

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62: Fan(tom) Service (Bakemonogatari)

The brothers get their wit sharpened with one of the most celebrated anime of the decade: Bakemonogatari. What appears on the surface to be a fan-service extravaganza of head-tilting proportions turns out to also be chock full of wit, rich imagery, philosophy, religion, serious relationships, and never-ending arguments on who is best-girl. Also featuring: Kokkoku and a final look at Harry Potter.
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SP: Winter 2018 Anime Season Preview

Ben and Jon return during their winter break to wax poetic on deep cuts and the winter 2018 anime season line up. Running through the list from Anichart.net, from least to most anticipated series, the brothers unearth some stinkers, some sleepers, and some winners. What shows are you most excited for? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook! Read More