97: The Girl Who Yeeted (Leapt) Through Time

Ben and Jon take a romantic trip at high speed down in a hill trying to relive the best days of their lives in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. This quaint time-travel anime from 2006 follows Makoto as her sudden acquisition of time travel powers tempts her to better her own life and those of her friends. The results of her leaps are a mixed bag, but lead her to a better sense of self. If you liked Tatami Galaxy or want a light, award-winning movie to watch, this is a film for you. Also featuring: La Morte d’Arthur and The Once and Future King.

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74: 13 Reasons Why You Should Watch (Orange)

Full of regret, the brothers decide to commiserate with the cast and story of Orange. A group of friends, upon learning that in high school another friend’s accident was actually a suicide, send a message to their past selves to try and save the life and heart of a boy all of them regret not getting to know better. A romantic drama with attempts at sci-fi, Orange plays with the Japanese idea of “What If?” in an original way. Also featuring: My Hero Academia and Watership Down.

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