54: LARPing Robots (Eve no Jikan 2)

The brothers continue to visit their new coffee and robot hangout spot, Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve), and watch two friends stalk their android, Sammy. A lot of speculation ensues on the nature of robot ethics and the rules within the Eve no Jikan coffee bar. Also featuring: Don Bluth movies, Jon’s Disney coke adventure, and final thoughts on Stranger Things 2. Read More

53: Moist Dryer Insertion (Eve no Jikan 1)

To round out a season of OVAs and movies, the brothers take on Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve), an OVA that became a movie. By the same director of Mizu no Kotoba, the series explores humanity’s interaction with androids and vice versa in the not too distant future. Also featuring: Stranger Things 2, talking bathtubs, and singing laundry.

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49: Don’t Poke Satan (Yamishibai)

The month of October is upon us and the brothers are getting into the spooky spirit with Yamishibai: a series of short ghost stories.  Choosing episodes at random, Ben recounts a tale of trying to contact the dead using a seemingly harmless game and Jon tells us of a woman who finds herself not alone on the last bus of the evening. Also featuring: Ducktales, Over the Garden Wall, scary anime picks, and a preview of the fall anime season.

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25: Captain Planet

This week on Aniki: The final episode of Aniki Season 1. Brothers Ben and Jon witness the most bizarre chapters of Jojo’s adventure as all logic fails and Kars ascends unto an Earth deity. Can Jojo defeat this 80’s supervillian before the world is overrun with killer squirrels? Also featuring: Stranger Things wrap up, the Jojo manga, and thoughts on season 2 of Aniki.

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24: Mama’s Boy

This week on Aniki: With Hyouka over, the brothers focus on Jojo with a double feature. First, Lisa Lisa faces off against Cars who may not be as trustworthy has he appears. Later, Speedwagon tells Smokey some Joestar family secrets as Stroheim shows off his new German rave gear. Also featuring: Mob Psycho 100, Bojack Horseman, and Stranger Things.

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