89: All Alone Ainz (Overlord)

The brothers get transported to a grim-dark fantasy epic full of magic and intrigue in Overlord, one of the best isekais to come out in the last ten years. In what was supposed to be a single season overview, this episode ends up covering the entirety of the series since Jon just couldn’t stop watching. Overlord follows the player Momonga after he is transported inside the game Yggdrasil after the game was supposed to have been shut off. Instead of a blank “screen” he is presented with NPCs that now act as their flavor text dictates and the body of his own character. Now he must discover if he is the only player in this predicament or not, whatever it takes. Also featuring: Cop Craft and Vinland Saga.

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SP: Summer 2018 Anime Season Preview

The tradition continues with Ben and Jon hot takes on the new season of anime for summer 2018. Once again, running down the Anichart.net listings from least to most popular, they help you sort what shouldn’t be missed, what might be ok, and what you should probably avoid. What shows are you most excited for? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook! Read More

46: Wave of Nostalgia (Break Ups)

Bitter-sweets for everyone in the Korean anime “Break Ups.” A couple bent on removing one another from their lives finds a “break up device” on the beach. Hastily activating it, they relive the break ups they’d had in the past, leading them to learn more about each other and a little about themselves. Also featuring: the 2017 eclipse, Pathfinder and World of Darkness, and Made in Abyss.

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