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Tag: pokemon

13 episodes

35: The Apricot is Nigh!

The greatest of heroes are summoned to HQ as a see says the world is in trouble (or an apricot). Soon, the city is under attack by a foe unlike any before.

33: Malicious Mermen

The Deep Sea King and his mermen emerge from the ocean to conquer the surface. Heroes are falling. Will Puri Puri Prisoner and Mumen Rider save the day?

30: No Step On Snek

Saitama and Genos take the Hero Association entrance exam to predictable results. Afterward, Genos challenges his master to a battle of skill and noodles.

29: NEET Nazi Ninja Nuts

Heads fly as Saitama takes on a bishi Narutoesque ninja and a mechanized army of lazy bums led by Nappa while Genos gets a tune up.

22: Owner of a Broken Heart

Hyouka gets heavy as Ibara's Valentine's chocolate is stolen before Satoshi can receive it. Meanwhile, Lisa Lisa and Jojo set up a fight with Wham and Cars.

21: Bad Luck and Extreme Misfortune

Oreki and Chitana try not to freeze to death. Zeppeli takes on Wham all alone with a new attack. Also featuring: Pokemon Go and the summer 2016 anime season