111: Boss Hog (Aggretsuko)

What if The Office was set in Japan, was cast with cute animals, and the heroine was deep into death metal? Aniki finds out with Aggretsuko. Based on characters from Sanrio, the same company that brought you Hello Kitty and Gudetama, this short Netflix series tackles all aspects of office culture in Japan. From the drive to get ahead, to rampant sexism, to drunken office mixers, all while following a cute red panda who bottles up her emotions and releases them through death metal. Also featuring: Disenchanted and Wolf Children.

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102: Willy Wonka Deserves to Die (Castlevania 3)

After reviewing the first two seasons of Netflix’s original series Castlevania, the Aniki brothers try out the latest season to see how it measures up. Set shortly after the events of the last season, the third installment follows four distinct plot threads focusing on two protagonist and two antagonist groups as they make their way in the land of Wallachia following the defeat of Dracula and his army. The brother’s first encounter with Castlevania was disappointing. Can Castlevania 3 regain their faith in the series? Also featuring: Rising of the Shield Hero, Listeners, and Tower of God.

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93: Halloweeb Dractacular (Castlevania)

Get out your blood moons, monster mashes, spoopy skeletons, and a few stakes for good measure, it’s time for Aniki’s shivering review of Castlevania! Something out of the ordinary, Castlevania is an original English adaptation of the classic video games done in an anime style. With a star-studded voice cast, amazing visuals, and the promise of an action-filled adventure of killing vampires, does this Netflix original series live up to the hype? Also featuring: No Guns Life, Kemono Michi, Babylon, and Fate/Grand Order.

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