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Tag: my hero academia

7 episodes

68: Nadir of Pain (Made in Abyss)

The brothers journey into the depths with Made in Abyss, which follows the ambitious Riko and her robot friend Reg into the pit to find her mother.

64: OK, Here We Go Reigen (Mob Psycho 100)

The brothers reenter the worlds that One built, tackling One Punch Man's sibling anime: Mob Psycho 100. A young boy with extraordinary psychic powers is clearly the most powerful man in the world, but contrasting with Saitama, Mob seeks to define himself beyond his one special gift.

61: Anyway, Here’s Wonderbread (Humanity Has Declined)

Ben and Jon get knee deep in fairies and shenanigans as they review the surprisingly cynical comedy Humanity has Declined. The series strides a fine line saccharine sweet art style and dark comedy taking target at humanity at all scales.