98: So Thrawn It’s Reich (Youjo Senki Movie)

The brothers get into the swing of 2020 with the action packed movie continuation of Youjo Senki: The Saga of Tanya the Evil. The saga continues in this alternate-history mashup of the two world wars and specifically the siege of lenningrad. However, Tanya meets her match in the equally blessed/cursed American soldier Mary Sioux[sic]. When the Russian Federation throws divisions of soldiers at Tanya’s small band of men and an overpowered renegade out for revenge catches up to her, can Tanya miracle her way out of this one? Also featuring: Keep Your Hands Off the Eizouken, Carole and Tuesday, Asteroid in Love, Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, and Star Wars Rebels.

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97: The Girl Who Yeeted (Leapt) Through Time

Ben and Jon take a romantic trip at high speed down in a hill trying to relive the best days of their lives in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. This quaint time-travel anime from 2006 follows Makoto as her sudden acquisition of time travel powers tempts her to better her own life and those of her friends. The results of her leaps are a mixed bag, but lead her to a better sense of self. If you liked Tatami Galaxy or want a light, award-winning movie to watch, this is a film for you. Also featuring: La Morte d’Arthur and The Once and Future King.

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96: Chugging Forward (Night is Short, Walk on Girl)

The brothers contemplate the finer points of imbibing, romance, and hedonism in their #bestlife while watching the fantastic Night is Short, Walk on Girl. The spiritual successor to the Tatami Galaxy, Night is Short follows a young girl and young man during one wild and crazy night in Kyoto. Hers is a journey of flitting through life, sampling the delights that youth has to offer. His is a struggle to find his courage and discover what true romance entails. Around them are the myriad of other tails that mirror their own and cause their tracks to cross. If you have an hour and a half, this is one of the finer examinations of life and drink you’ll ever watch. Also Featuring: The Mandalorian, Dracula, Dark Maidens, and the Once and Future King.

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