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9 episodes

78: Dumpster Love (Battle Angel Alita)

For the first review of 2019, the Aniki brothers go retro and topical with the original Battle Angel Alita OVA ahead of the release of the Alita movie.

64: OK, Here We Go Reigen (Mob Psycho 100)

The brothers reenter the worlds that One built, tackling One Punch Man's sibling anime: Mob Psycho 100. A young boy with extraordinary psychic powers is clearly the most powerful man in the world, but contrasting with Saitama, Mob seeks to define himself beyond his one special gift.

SP: Winter 2018 Anime Season Preview

Ben and Jon return during their winter break to wax poetic on deep cuts and the winter 2018 anime season line up. Running through the list from, from least to most anticipated series, the brothers unearth some stinkers, some sleepers, and some winners.

27: Bug Out

Saitama faces off against a femme-fatale bug queen and a beast king while also gaining a cyborg disciple. Also featuring a retrospective of Mob Psycho 100

24: Mama’s Boy

On a Jojo double feature: Lisa Lisa faces off against Cars. Later, Speedwagon tells Joestar family secrets to Smokey. Also: Mob Psycho 100 & Stranger Things

22: Owner of a Broken Heart

Hyouka gets heavy as Ibara's Valentine's chocolate is stolen before Satoshi can receive it. Meanwhile, Lisa Lisa and Jojo set up a fight with Wham and Cars.