85: El Psyche Kongroo (Mob Psycho 100 II)

Sometimes the power of friendship is more than just a trope, at least thats what the brothers discover in the second season of Mob Psycho 100. Picking up where the last season left off, Mob Psycho 100 follows Mob’s progression from a self-isolating boy with immeasurable psychic power to a wholesome, well-rounded and more confident boy with immeasurable psychic power. One’s unique take on what it means to wield supreme strength while staying truly human brings a lot of heart to the table in this second season. Also featuring: Steins;Gate, No Game No Life: Zero, Detective Pikachu, and Game of Thrones.

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80: Psychopomp and Circumstance (Paranoia Agent)

Ben and Jon explore the boundary of reality and social imagination with the only series by their favorite director Satoshi Kon: Paranoia Agent. After a mascot designer is attacked by a bat wielding boy, two detectives try to find the miscreant who is fast becoming a serial assailant.. Touching on a multitude of issues ranging from personal responsibility to the spread of societal fears that manifest themselves in the real world, Paranoia Agent is a unique take on the interconnected world we live in. Are memes able to become psychopomps? Is escaping reality to a happy place any better than giving into despair? Who really is Shounen Bat?

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78: Dumpster Love (Battle Angel Alita)

For the first review of 2019, the Aniki brothers go retro and topical with the original Battle Angel Alita OVA ahead of the release of the Alita movie. Set in a dystopian, cyber future where humans are agumentable, replaceable, and disposable, Alita follows the story of an android rescued from a trash heap and her quest to find meaning in life by becoming a hunter-warrior. Along the way, she falls for Yugo, a man with a dream to escape from the refuse and make his way to Zalem, a real yet mystical land of opportunity. Also featuring: Mob Psycho 100, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, and Boogiepop and Others.

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SP: Winter 2019 Anime Season Preview

A new year and new hot takes on the first season of anime for winter 2019. Running down the Anichart.net listings from least to most popular, they help you sort what shouldn’t be missed, what might be ok, and what you should probably avoid. What shows are you most excited for? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

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64: OK, Here We Go Reigen (Mob Psycho 100)

The brothers reenter the worlds that One built, tackling One Punch Man‘s sibling anime: Mob Psycho 100. A young boy with extraordinary psychic powers is clearly the most powerful man in the world, but contrasting with Saitama, Mob seeks to define himself beyond his one special gift. How does Mob Psycho 100 compare to One Punch Man? How well does it stand up in its own right? Why is Reigen the best mentor Mob could possibly have despite being the biggest flimflam man of the show? Also featuring: Magic Online, Avengers: Infinity War, Golden Kamuey, Darling in the FRANXX, and Niseimonogatari. Read More

SP: Winter 2018 Anime Season Preview

Ben and Jon return during their winter break to wax poetic on deep cuts and the winter 2018 anime season line up. Running through the list from Anichart.net, from least to most anticipated series, the brothers unearth some stinkers, some sleepers, and some winners. What shows are you most excited for? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook! Read More

24: Mama’s Boy

This week on Aniki: With Hyouka over, the brothers focus on Jojo with a double feature. First, Lisa Lisa faces off against Cars who may not be as trustworthy has he appears. Later, Speedwagon tells Smokey some Joestar family secrets as Stroheim shows off his new German rave gear. Also featuring: Mob Psycho 100, Bojack Horseman, and Stranger Things.

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22: Owner of a Broken Heart

This week on Aniki: Hyouka gets heavy as Ibara’s homemade Valentines chocolate gets stolen before Satoshi can receive it, bringing out the worst in everyone. Oreki is on the case with Chitanda as his unneeded enforcer. Meanwhile on Jojo, Lisa Lisa and Jojo agree to have a 2v2 fight with Wham and Cars for possession of the Red Stone of Asia. We may have given everything away just then. Also featuring: more Pokemon Go and how deep Jon’s cuts go.

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