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4 episodes

60: Technicolor Dreamscape (Flip Flappers)

The brothers enter the technicolor dreamscape of Flip Flappers. Ben and Jon discuss the surprisingly complex subtext and philosophy in a show about two girls who go on fantastical adventures into the magical land of make-believe. Also featuring: Ben's first foray into Harry Potter.

30: No Step On Snek

Saitama and Genos take the Hero Association entrance exam to predictable results. Afterward, Genos challenges his master to a battle of skill and noodles.

28: I Am My Own Clone

The secret of Saitama's power is revealed as he and Genos take on the leader of the House of Evolution, clones, and his monstrous masterpiece Carnage Kabuto

26: The Strongest Episode

Season 2 of Aniki begins as brothers Ben & Jon start watching One Punch Man. A hero who wins every fight in only one punch? What kind of tokusatsu is this?