SP: Waifu War

One man’s treasure is another man’s trash. The brothers throw caution to the wind and not only divulge their top tier waifus, but pit them against each other to discover whose waifu reigns supreme and whose is utter trash. The rules are simple: list your top eight waifus, put them in a bracket, ????, sleep on the couch alone. The battle of waifu defending commences and the only losers are the two participants. Let us know how bad our choices were and who you would have picked instead on Facebook and Twitter.

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Show Notes

Waifu War00:15

Quetzalcoatl from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

“You should only have one waifu (at a time)”

Ben’s Waifu Contenders

1BelldandyAh! My Goddess!
2Senjougahara HitagiBakemonogatari
3Arcueid BrunestudTsukihime
4Tousaka RinFate/Stay Night
5Tomoe HotaruSailor Moon
6Makise KurisuSteins;Gate
7Winry RockbellFull Metal Alchemist

Jon’s Waifu Contenders

1Sakuraba AoiAi Yori Aoshi
2HoroSpice and Wolf
3Hakamichi ShinzuneKatawa Shoujo
4Tenou HarukaSailor Moon
5Hakubi WashuTenchi Muyo!
6AlitaBattle Angel Alita
7Ayanami ReiNeon Genesis Evangelion
8Hyun-AeAnalog: A Hate Story

Starting Bracket

1B Belldandy
8J Hyun Ae

5B Horatu
4J Haruka

7B Winry
2J Horo

3B Arcueid
6J Alita

8B Mordred
1J Aoi

4B Rin
5J Washu

2B Senjougahara
7J Rei 

6B Kurisu 
3J Shizune

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