04: Past Days of the Overdrive Club and Its Glory

This week on Aniki: Our favorite sleuths have a thrilling conference meeting, with snacks! Theories abound, but what flavors of donuts does Chitanda make? Also, Jojo gets new powers, a new love, and an old hat. Zeppeli arrives and punches a frog and Jack the Ripper makes an entrance!

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03: Inheritors of the Classics Club and Its Youth

This week on Aniki: Chitanda confesses! Also, where could the anthologies be hiding? Oreki’s sister knows and sends the gang on a smoking hot mystery. Meanwhile, Jojo confronts Dio about his dastardly, devilish plots with guest stars King Vegeta and the Biggest Bro in the World™.

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Aniki Starts February 2016

Beginning this February, brothers Ben and Jon take you on an absurd trip through anime with their podcast, “Aniki.” Join them on their journey while solving mundane mysteries, meeting new friends, and drinking tea with the manliest of men.

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