96: Chugging Forward (Night is Short, Walk on Girl)

The brothers contemplate the finer points of imbibing, romance, and hedonism in their #bestlife while watching the fantastic Night is Short, Walk on Girl. The spiritual successor to the Tatami Galaxy, Night is Short follows a young girl and young man during one wild and crazy night in Kyoto. Hers is a journey of flitting through life, sampling the delights that youth has to offer. His is a struggle to find his courage and discover what true romance entails. Around them are the myriad of other tails that mirror their own and cause their tracks to cross. If you have an hour and a half, this is one of the finer examinations of life and drink you’ll ever watch. Also Featuring: The Mandalorian, Dracula, Dark Maidens, and the Once and Future King.

Haven’t seen this show? Go watch Night is Short, Walk on Girl! Watch before you listen!

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Show Notes

Night is Short, Walk on Girl11:40


Pokemon Sword & Shield

The Mandalorian

Dracula Audio Book

Dark Maidens

Once and Future King

Night is Short, Walk on Girl

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The Tatami Galaxy

GK Chesterton’s Heretics


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The Girl Who Lept Through Time

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