76: Humanity Has Declined III Halftrack Edition (Girls’ Last Tour)

The brothers take their first viewer request and follow melancholic moe-blobs in the snow in Girls’ Last Tour. Set in an indeterminate far dystopian future, Girls’ Last Tour showcases a war-torn landscape, a dead fish, a weird cat, a kettenkrad, and two naive survivors as they try to stay alive and find other traces of living people. A deeply introspective experience, it is the first nightmare slice-of-life the Aniki brothers have seen. Also featuring: Dragonalia Lost and Overlord.

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Show Notes

General 00:15
Girls’ Last Tour 10:00


Dragalia Lost

Fate Grand Order



David Harsanyi: First Freedom

Shigeko Sasamori’s Hiroshima Experience

Track-mod Segway

Girls’ Last Tour

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Takaharu Ozaki


Made in Abyss Episode

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