74: 13 Reasons Why You Should Watch (Orange)

Full of regret, the brothers decide to commiserate with the cast and story of Orange. A group of friends, upon learning that in high school another friend’s accident was actually a suicide, send a message to their past selves to try and save the life and heart of a boy all of them regret not getting to know better. A romantic drama with attempts at sci-fi, Orange plays with the Japanese idea of “What If?” in an original way. Also featuring: My Hero Academia and Watership Down.

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Show Notes

General 00:15
Orange 8:40


Nozaki-kun Episode

Dunkey’s Kingdom Hearts Video

My Hero Academia Season 2

Watership Down



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Warning: This show and this episode of Aniki concern suicide and depression.

Okabe explains everything
This is a real thing that happened


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