72: Iced Hams (A Place Further than the Universe)

The brothers watch one of the most chilling shows they’ve ever seen: A Place Further than the Universe. In this slice of life travelogue, four girls from very different backgrounds find themselves bonding on a quest to reach the forbidden wastes of Antarctica. It’s so much more than just cute girls doing cute things, it’s cute girls doing cute things on a boat! Also featuring: ToQger, Rainbow Brite, and Graveyard Keeper.

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Show Notes

General 00:15
A Place Further than the Universe 06:34




Rainbow Brite reboot

Graveyard Keeper


A Place Further than the Universe

Watch Now

Webcams at Showa station

The mom scene

ToQger summed up

Ben’s take on how Episode 10 should have started

Humboldt Penguin

Michael Palin Pole to Pole


Next time: Non Non Biyori


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