68: Nadir of Pain (Made in Abyss)

Donning their adventurer’s equipment, the brothers journey into the depths with Made in Abyss. One of the best shows Aniki has had the pleasure of watching, Made in Abyss follows the ambitious Riko in her descent into the pit to find her long lost mother. Along with her robot friend Reg, Riko finds a fantastic world below ground along with challenges that test her resolve and will. Also featuring: Scythe, Overwatch’s new Wrecking Ball, and Letterkenny.

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Show Notes

General 00:15
Made in Abyss 10:07


Doctor Who


Overwatch Wrecking Ball

Letterkenny Cold Open (Watch on Hulu)

My Hero Academia figure Jon mentions

Dragon Ball Z Sweeded


Made in Abyss

Watch Now


Firin’ mah lazar

Corpse Weeper



Next time: KonoSuba


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