61: Anyway, Here’s Wonderbread (Humanity Has Declined)

Ben and Jon get knee deep in fairies and shenanigans as they review the surprisingly cynical comedy Humanity has Declined (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita/人類は衰退しました). The series revolving around an unnamed heroine and her daily life as a mediator between a post-apocalyptic humanity and the new dominant species on Earth, fairies, strides a fine line saccharine sweet art style and dark comedy taking target at humanity at all scales. Also featuring: Boku no Hero Academia and more Harry Potter.

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Show Notes

General 00:15
Humanity has Declined 8:58


Boku no Hero Academia

Dragon Ball summarized in one picture
Dragon Ball summarized in one picture

Harry Potter


Humanity has Declined

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Fairy Sets

What is up with these pants?

Next Time: Bakemonogatari



25-sai no Joshikousei

Animaniacs Fingerprints


Cover Art: 西東トウマ

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