57: Extremely Insensitive (Eve no Jikan 5)

Rikuo has a crisis of faith in his new robot buddies when an upstart android steals the spotlight from him at a piano competition. Misaki also discovers that yet another patron at Eve no Jikan is a robot. Also featuring: Back Street Girls, Happiness, Boku wa Mari no Naka, and Goodnight Punpun.

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Show Notes

General 00:20
Eve no Jikan 12:41


Back Street Girls

If you aren’t already sold on this, we can’t help you.

Twilight Imperium



I’m Inside Mari

Goodnight Punpun

Finding Christmas is definitely, totally not cast with robots.

Eve no Jikan

Watch Eve no Jikan Episode 5 “Chie & Shimei”

In Rapidly Aging Japan, Adult Diaper Sales Are About to Surpass Baby Diapers (2013 story)


IBM Watson putting lawyers out of work

Electric Love

This makes Jon giggle

Next Week: Eve no Jikan Episode 6

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