55: Unconventional Lovers (Eve no Jikan 3)

What a time (of eve) to be alive! Robots loving humans, humans loving robots. Is it a packet switching utopia or just a recipe for disaster and dismemberment? Ben and Jon discuss real girls and the men who date them with Eve no Jikan episode 3: Koji and Rina (Lovers of Eve). Also featuring: Kuzu no Honkai final thoughts, Kamen Rider W and Braid, and Gravity Falls.

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Show Notes

General 00:20
Eve no Jikan 14:02


Does this exist? Should it?

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Kuzu no Honkai

Ramen Rider W

The new Kamen Rider Build suit

Gravity Falls

Eve no Jikan 3: Koji and Rina (Lovers of Eve)

Watch Eve no Jikan Episode 3 “Koji and Rina”

The episode has a boot screen

Alexa – Beef 

Next Week: Eve no Jikan Episode 4

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