54: LARPing Robots (Eve no Jikan 2)

The brothers continue to visit their new coffee and robot hangout spot, Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve), and watch two friends stalk their android, Sammy. A lot of speculation ensues on the nature of robot ethics and the rules within the Eve no Jikan coffee bar. Also featuring: Don Bluth movies, Jon’s Disney coke adventure, and final thoughts on Stranger Things 2.

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Show Notes

General 00:20
Eve no Jikan 12:46


Don Bluth

Disney Coke Store

Stranger Things 2 final thoughts

Pop Culture Coffee Hour on Stranger Things 2

Trash Ghibli list

Eve no Jikan 3: Sammy

Watch Eve no Jikan Episode 2 “Sammy”

Tenchi Muyo Novels



Flashback: Jon’s version


Flashback: Ben’s version

Next Week: Eve no Jikan Episode 3

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