49: Don’t Poke Satan (Yamishibai)

The month of October is upon us and the brothers are getting into the spooky spirit with Yamishibai: a series of short ghost stories.  Choosing episodes at random, Ben recounts a tale of trying to contact the dead using a seemingly harmless game and Jon tells us of a woman who finds herself not alone on the last bus of the evening. Also featuring: Ducktales, Over the Garden Wall, scary anime picks, and a preview of the fall anime season.

Haven’t seen Yamishibai? It is currently available on CunchyRoll. (see below for specific episode links) Watch before you listen!

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Show Notes

General 01:02
Yamishibai 16:32


Stranger Things

New Ducktales

Bojack Horseman

Over the Garden Wall

Fall Season



Mahoutsukai no Yome

Evil or Live

Heavens Feel Part 1

Gundam: Thunderbolt

Spooky Anime





Natsume Yuujinchou




RNG Card

Season 4 Episode 10 “The Calling Crane”

Watch “The Calling Crane”

49 = 四九 = Shikyu

Creepy normal laughing face
Season 5 Episode 12 “The Last Bus”

Watch “The Last Bus”

Tomoko Kaneda Ghost Car Ride Prank

Next time: More Yamishibai

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