45: Breathe Life In (Mushi-shi SP)

A mysterious aliment seems to be afflicting the Mushi-shi of the Minai clan and Ginko is tasked with uncovering the root cause in the Mushi-shi SP episode “Path of Thorns.” Little does our intrepid apothecary know,  but shrubberies and camphorous medicines are about to become a significant part of his day. Also featuring: Youjo Senki, Splatoon 2, and Voltron.

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Show Notes



General 00:11
Mushi-shi SP 6:35


Youjo Senki


Splatoon 2 (Dunkey’s review)

Guzma Card

Voltron 3

New Game

What programming is like
What programming is like

Mushi-shi SP “Path of Thorns”

Watch now

Season 2 OP “Shiver”

Season 1 OP “The Sore Foot Song”

Mollusks (nsfw)

Adventure Zone

Vick’s Vapo-rub

Next time: Breakups

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