44: You Are My Sunshine (Mushi-shi OVA)

Encounter a total eclipse of the heart, and sun, in the Mushi-shi OVA “The Shadow that Devours the Sun.” Mushi expert Ginko works to reverse an artificial eclipse that plunges a town into darkness and may offer a cure to a local albino girl stricken with a sun allergy. Also featuring: Caverna, Firewatch, Youjo Senki, and baseball corner.

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Show Notes

General 00:11
Mushi-shi OVA 14:20




Youjo Senki

Indinapolis Indians


Mushi-shi OVA “The Shadow that Devours the Sun”

Watch now

Mushi-shi kanji 蟲師

女 onna – woman
奻 dan – quarrel
姦 kan – wicked; mischief


Gerald Ford was eaten by wolves


Touhou 6 “Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil”

Sun allergy

Mushi may be weird, but dolls are creepy


The two girls together

Tansu (the apothecary box)

Hinata’s fate (invisibo)

Next Week: Mushishi SP Path of Thorns

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