35: The Apricot is Nigh!

This week on Aniki: The greatest of heroes are summoned to HQ as the great seer, Shibaba, has had one final prediction. The world is in trouble (or an apricot). Soon, the city is under attack by a foe unlike any before. Also: Some of Ben’s Pokémon names and the brothers’ thoughts on Rogue One.

Haven’t seen One Punch Man? You have but want to follow along? You can watch on Hulu or Daisuki. Go watch it!

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Show Notes

General 00:11
Unparalleled Peril 11:07

General Anime

Ben’s Pokemon Names

Rogue One

One Punch Man 10: “Unparalleled Peril”


Rex Kwon Do

Shonen Bat

Yabai definition


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