29: NEET Nazi Ninja Nuts

This week on Aniki: Heads fly as Saitama takes on a bishi Narutoesque ninja and a mechanized army of lazy bums led by Nappa while Genos gets a tune up. Also: Jon drinks tea, Westworld, and Animal Crossing.

Haven’t seen One Punch Man? You have but want to follow along? You can watch on Hulu or Daisuki. Go watch it!

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Show Notes

General 00:11
The Modern Ninja 9:13

General Anime

Twinings Christmas Tea

Animal Crossing Welcome Amebo



Pokemon: Sun & Moon

One Punch Man 04: “The Modern Ninja”

Nappa from DBZ


"Bald", you say!?
“Bald”, you say!?

Pictured: Science

A good analysis on “We’re not so different, you and I”

Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties

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