27: Bug Out

This week on Aniki: Saitama faces off against a femme-fatale bug queen and a beast king while also gaining a cyborg disciple. Also featuring Natsume Yujincho and a retrospective of Mob Psycho 100.

Haven’t seen One Punch Man? You have but want to follow along? You can watch on Hulu or Daisuki. Go watch it!

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Show Notes

General 00:11
The Lone Cyborg 9:44

General Anime

Natsume Yujincho



Mob Psycho 100

Attack on Titan

Trump Psycho 100
Trump Psycho 100

Shuuzou Oshimi


One Punch Man 02: “The Lone Cyborg”

Milo Buying 4chan

Oni Vs Demon Vs Ayakashi

Who wore it better?
Who wore it better?

Professor Tomoe

Saitama Face
Saitama Face

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