26: The Strongest Episode

This week on Aniki: Brothers Ben and Jon begin the journey through One Punch Man for season 2 of Aniki! An unnamed hero is born from the disgusting remains of a crab-man. A man who wins every fight in only one punch. What kind of fighting show is this? Also, thoughts on Keijo and the state of “special interest” anime.

Haven’t seen One Punch Man? You have but want to follow along? You can watch on Hulu or Daisuki. Go watch it!

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Show Notes

General 00:15
The Strongest Man 9:08

General Anime

Dora’s Bizarre Adventure

Make your own stand

Keijo (gif)

Ingram’s Tweet

All Out (the rugby show)

Flip Flappers

One Punch Man 01: “The Strongest Man”

OPM reminds Jon of Astro Fighter Sunred

Arakawa Under the Bridge also features a Hoshi that gets beaten in the face

Attack on Titan

One thought on “26: The Strongest Episode

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