19: It’s Bummers All the Way Down

This week on Aniki: After the Bunkasai, things get more cheerful on Hyouka, up until Oreki suddenly wants to investigate bummer helicopters. Meanwhile, Suzy Q gets macked on by both Jojo and an entire brain. Also featuring: the brothers’ take on Escaflowne and the thrilling conclusion to the Sailor Moon Infinity arc.

You can follow along with us. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure can be found on Crunchy Roll. Hyouka can be found on YouTube and other unofficial sources. Please consider leaving a review on iTunes and sharing the podcast with your friends. More info can be found at Aniki.fm.

Show Notes

Hyouka 00:51
Anime 41:32
Jojo 54:20



American Beauty

Brady HaranObjectivity

California Raisins

Summer Wars

A modest house
A modest house





Space Patrol Luluco

The End of Infinity Arc

Magic Knight Rayearth



Suzy Q


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