Spice and Wolf

115: Furex Trading (Spice and Wolf)

It’s the economy stupid! Ben and Jon investigate the #3 waifu, Holo, trying to understand her ties to currency schemes in Spice and Wolf. Ostensively a show about a man and a wolf-girl, this anime baits you with shiny wolf tails and switches in complex economic puzzles that Holo and her companion Lawrence try to take advantage of or escape in their quest to make bank. Come for fuzzy ears and stay for a moe version of ECON-101. Also featuring: Thrawn and Re:Zero.

Haven’t seen this show? Go watch Spice and Wolf. Watch before you listen!

Show Notes

Anime Review8:54


Thrawn Ascendancy

Dead by Daylight

Puke Witch
Puke Witch
Silly hats only
Silly hats only – Touhou


Re: Zero


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