101: Quarenteens (After School Dice Club)

Due to plague, the brothers are stuck inside with nothing to do. Good thing this week After School Dice Club offers a solution with board games! Shy Miki just wants to cruise through high school without social interaction. However, through her chance meeting with Aya, a bubbly girl, and Midori, a megane who works part time at a game store, Miki learns all about board games and how they can solve all of life’s problems. While a niche watch, if you are into board games or game design, this show may be right up your alley. Also featuring: Star Wars Clone Wars and Isekai Quartet.

Haven’t seen this show? Go watch After School Dice Club! Watch before you listen!

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Show Notes

Anime Review07:03


Star Wars: Clone Wars

Isekai Quartet

After School Dice Club

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War of the Ring






Cockroach Poker

Kaiji (For some real high stakes gaming)

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