08: Let’s Go to a Blood Feud!

This week on Aniki: The Hyouka gang finally gets a murder mystery to solve as a Hime-Cut commissions them to fix her movie. Over on Jojo, the final confrontation arrives at last. How many times will Dio be killed? Also discussed: Is Another any good as a mystery show, cicadas, and how to become the King of Maids.

You can follow along with us. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure can be found on Crunchy Roll. Hyouka can be found on YouTube and other unofficial sources. Please consider leaving a review on iTunes and sharing the podcast with your friends. More info can be found at Aniki.fm.

Show Notes

Hyouka  00:50
Anime    48:36
Jojo        1:04:26


Dan Kim
Hime cut
Hime Horns

Hime hair: Who wears it better?
Hime hair: Who wears it better?

Haruihi Ep0
マンション (n) condominium (often mid-rise or high-rise concrete) (eng: mansion)
Ten Commandments
Chandlers Laws
20 Rules
Tarot Cards
To Be Continued video


AMV Hell: Greatest Sins
AMV Hell
Soul Eater
Tanto Cuore


Venom from Spiderman
Servine!? It’s gotta be!

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