04: Past Days of the Overdrive Club and Its Glory

This week on Aniki: Our favorite sleuths have a thrilling conference meeting, with snacks! Theories abound, but what flavors of donuts does Chitanda make? Also, Jojo gets new powers, a new love, and an old hat. Zeppeli arrives and punches a frog and Jack the Ripper makes an entrance!

You can follow along with us. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure can be found on Crunchy Roll. Hyouka can be found on YouTube and other unofficial sources. Please consider leaving a review on iTunes and sharing the podcast with your friends. More info can be found at Aniki.fm.

Show Notes

Hyouka  00:16
Anime    37:28
Jojo        58:48


Summer Wars
1960s Japanese student uprisings

Onigiri != Donuts
Onigiri != Donuts

Onigiri Flavors: Ume (plum), mustard greens, dried fish
Rotoscope Land
Tale of Genji


BokuMachi (Erased)
Scrapped Princess
All You Need is Kill / Edge of Tomorrow
Takeshi Obara
Black Lagoon / OVA
Usagi is Dead (Why Ben likes it so much)
Sailor Business
The Sailor Moon Sizzle Reel
Planet Girl (annie, girls, Mary)
Robot King
GO Precure
Sailor Moon Crystal S
Toyoguchi Megumi 
Sailor Moon Classic
Sailor Moon Musicals


Ra’s al Ghul
Senzu Bean

Jojo can even lift this rock
Jojo can even lift this rock

Plan9 From Outer Space

Arron (First High Priest of Israel)



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