64: OK, Here We Go Reigen (Mob Psycho 100)

The brothers reenter the worlds that One built, tackling One Punch Man‘s sibling anime: Mob Psycho 100. A young boy with extraordinary psychic powers is clearly the most powerful man in the world, but contrasting with Saitama, Mob seeks to define himself beyond his one special gift. How does Mob Psycho 100 compare to One Punch Man? How well does it stand up in its own right? Why is Reigen the best mentor Mob could possibly have despite being the biggest flimflam man of the show? Also featuring: Magic Online, Avengers: Infinity War, Golden Kamuey, Darling in the FRANXX, and Niseimonogatari. Read More

37: Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

This week on the season 2 finale of Aniki: It’s the ultimate battle we’ve all been waiting for. Saitama and Boros face off in the final installment of One Punch Man. Also featuring: hot takes on this season’s anime, more Pokémon names, and Dungeons & Dragons.

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36: Tako Tuesday

This week on Aniki: Boros and his alien brood have destroyed City A and are out for world domination, but the party is split. Saitama takes on a magical space squid while the S class heroes battle a five headed demon. Also featuring: VA11-Hall-A, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and the Thrawn novel series.

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35: The Apricot is Nigh!

This week on Aniki: The greatest of heroes are summoned to HQ as the great seer, Shibaba, has had one final prediction. The world is in trouble (or an apricot). Soon, the city is under attack by a foe unlike any before. Also: Some of Ben’s Pokémon names and the brothers’ thoughts on Rogue One.

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33: Malicious Mermen

This week on Aniki: The Deep Sea King and his merfolk emerge from the ocean to conquer the surface. Heroes are falling left and right. Will Puri Puri Prisoner and Mumen Rider save the day? Also featuring: the most important mermaid information you’ll ever hear, Jon’s Pokémon puns, and the second Little Witch Academia movie.

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31: Company of Heroes

This week on Aniki: Saitama is on the hunt for crime to keep from being dropped off the Hero Association roster. A roster that is on full display as Hero HQ attempts to combat a rising tide of seaweed. Also: Magical Girl Rising Project and the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie.

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30: No Step On Snek

This week on Aniki: Saitama and Genos take the Hero Association entrance exam to predictable results. Afterward, Genos challenges his master to a battle of skill and noodles. Also featuring: Pokémon Sun & Moon and Flip Flappers.

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