43: Probably Means Something to Someone Somewhere

The brothers are swept away in a wave of interpretation and analysis by the 2001 art-house short Cat Soup. An intensely stylized and visceral anime with no spoken dialogue, Cat Soup takes them on a journey to recover a sibling’s lost soul from the depths of hell. Normal brother stuff. Also featuring: Full Metal Alchemist, Keijo, Thor Ragnarok, and Dr. Strange.

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42: How I Shot Web

This week on Aniki: Oh what a tangled web! It’s the Production I.G. Anime Mirai 2011 entry: Wasurenagumo (Spider Girl). Told as a traditional Japanese folk tale in all senses of the word, Wasurenagumo is both endearing and terrifying at the same time. Also featuring: Little Witch Academia TV, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and the newly announced FLCL trailer.

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41: Washizu no Nineball

This week on Aniki: The game is afoot with Madhouse entry for Anime Mirai 2013: Death Billiards. The brothers witness the most intense game of nine-ball ever played with stakes that could not be higher! With their lives on the line, who will sink the final ball? Also featuring: CLAMP and Nekopara.

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40: Big Horned Demon: Hot Antlers Zombie vs the Witches 3

This week on Aniki: The parade part of Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade gets underway. A magical evening of friendship becomes a spectacular sentai sensational! Also featuring: Ben and Jon’s preview of the summer 2017 anime season including their picks.

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39: Practical Magic

This week on Aniki: Trigger follows up on their amazing work with Little Witch Academia with a crowd-funded movie sequel in The Enchanted Parade. Does it live up to expectations? This is part one of our review. Also featuring: Mary and the Witch’s Flower, the announced live-action Cowboy Bebop movie, and KonoSuba

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38: A Witch’s Bwew

This week on the season 3 opener of Aniki: Brothers Ben and Jon begin their romp through the land of anime OVAs with a new classic: Little Witch Academia. The story of a few girls in a school for witches, LWA is a master class in short-form story telling and one of the brother’s favorites. Also featuring: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, catching up on anime, and The Fifth Element.

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Aniki Season 3 Coming June 19, 2017

Aniki, your favorite podcast about anime with at least two brothers, is coming back for another season! Starting June 19th, join Ben and Jon for a romp through some great OVAs and movies. The first one on the list is a favorite of both brothers: Little Witch Academia. Watch it on Netflix now and join us on Monday for another series of Aniki!

If you dont know what we’re about and would like to catch up, we highly recommend Season 2 of Aniki where we went through the action series One Punch Man.

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37: Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

This week on the season 2 finale of Aniki: It’s the ultimate battle we’ve all been waiting for. Saitama and Boros face off in the final installment of One Punch Man. Also featuring: hot takes on this season’s anime, more Pokémon names, and Dungeons & Dragons.

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36: Tako Tuesday

This week on Aniki: Boros and his alien brood have destroyed City A and are out for world domination, but the party is split. Saitama takes on a magical space squid while the S class heroes battle a five headed demon. Also featuring: VA11-Hall-A, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and the Thrawn novel series.

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35: The Apricot is Nigh!

This week on Aniki: The greatest of heroes are summoned to HQ as the great seer, Shibaba, has had one final prediction. The world is in trouble (or an apricot). Soon, the city is under attack by a foe unlike any before. Also: Some of Ben’s Pokémon names and the brothers’ thoughts on Rogue One.

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